Feds Give 6 Month Extension to Emergency Access Advisory Committee on Disability 911 Technology Recommendations

Via a public notice on January 11, 2013, the Federal Communications Commission extended the charter of the Emergency Access Advisory Committee (EAAC), a committee required by the 21st CVAA.  The members now have six more months or until June 14, 2013 to work on access to emergency information for people with disabilities. So far the EAAC has met almost every month for two years, has conducted a national survey about emergency access for people with disabilities and provided one set of recommendations. However, it appears to need more time to develop more recommendations to the FCC. Their work looks at the most effective and efficient technologies for equal access to emergency services for people with disabilities.  When the EAAC provided recommendations in December 2011, they said their work was incomplete and they needed more time. Based on requests from the co-chairs of the EAAC, a group of disability organizations called the Consumers Group and the Gallaudet Technology Access Program, as well as from the National Emergency Number Association, and APCO International, the FCC gave the six-month extension, allowing the group to be effective until June 14, 2013.  To view the notice about the time extension in PDF, click here. To see TEXT version, click here.  For further information, contact Suzy Rosen Singleton, FCC Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau at Tel 202-810-1503 or email Suzanne.Singleton@fcc.gov; and/or Zenji Nakazawa, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, at Tel 202-418-7949 or email Zenji.Nakazawa@fcc.gov.